About Niche Lightning WordPress Theme

I can tell you about niche lightning, but I would rather show you the results.

As a webmaster with 25+ years experience building and marketing websites using wordpress, I have learned a few things about SEO and user experience.

I have brought all my knowledge and experience to bear when designing this premium wordpress theme.

As Steve Jobs said, “It isn’t easy to design things simply. You have to strip away again and again, preserving only what is essential.”

I designed Niche Lightning with those principles in mind.

A website must is now a native web app. It must do its job on desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones and even large screen televisions.

How to Start a Blog for Beginners

Whether you are starting your first blog, or are looking for better performance for your existing website you will need to do a few things to make it fly.

  1. Use WPEngine to host your website.
  2. Install Niche Lightning as your theme.
  3. Follow the instructions for customizing your site (available after your purchase.)
  4. Join the Niche Money community (Free with your purchase) to learn how you can make money online and get traffic to your blog.

Getting started is easy, click here.

See you inside,

Dave Halmai, B.Comm.
Webmaster, NicheMoney.co
Webmaster, NicheLighthing.com

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